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Article Have You any cloud services?
Client-tools project will help customers who need to use reliable cloud services. Cloud services...
Views: 2956
Article How to change root password in CentOS?
You should login as root user, type the following command to change password for user root:#...
Views: 3648
Article how to connect to rdc from mac os?
You can use any RDP clients for mac os. Client-tools would like to advise to use 2X RDP client...
Views: 2451
Article Need a free Antivirus for Windows. What can You advise?
There are many anti-virus with free trial in the Internet but if you need a full free antivirus...
Views: 1953
Article Secure Shell (SSH). What is it?
Secure Shell (SSH), sometimes known as Secure Socket Shell, is a UNIX-based command interface and...
Views: 3808
Article What is FTP?
FTP refers to a network protocol responsible for transferring files from one computer to another...
Views: 5177
Article Which is the client to use for transfer files via FTP ?
There are many FTP clients. We'd like to recommend You to use FileZilla FTP clinet. This is a...
Views: 6857

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